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Terry Neville

Conservative group, Enfield Council Column

Enfield Conservative group leader


Thursday, 19/Feb/2015

THE NHS is something we all treasure dearly.

Thursday, 27/Nov/2014

I READ Doug Taylor’s article in the Advertiser of November 12 with a degree of bemusement.

Thursday, 02/Oct/2014

DOUG Taylor was right in his column two weeks ago to say that the result of the referendum really mattered to the English.

Thursday, 07/Aug/2014

RECENTLY, Enfield Council leader Doug Taylor said he had made £75million of cuts.

Thursday, 17/Apr/2014

AT a time when political parties are examining ways to bridge the council’s budget gap, why don’t we seek to scrap a third of councillors?

Do we need 63 councillors in Enfield? Of course, not – and that is why the proposal is being considered by a number of councils.

Thursday, 20/Feb/2014

MOST houses for sale in Enfield are bought for buy-to-let purposes.

Thursday, 12/Dec/2013

LAST week two of our MPs, David Burrowes and Nick de Bois, spearheaded the local Help Our High Streets campaign by visiting our high streets.

Thursday, 14/Nov/2013

WE have been living beyond our means.

Thursday, 17/Oct/2013

ONE learns to live with decisions one disagrees with.

Thursday, 19/Sep/2013

THE government’s economic plan appears to be working.

Thursday, 22/Aug/2013

CONGRATULATIONS to all those A-level students in Enfield who passed their examinations.

Thursday, 25/Jul/2013

RAIL services to Enfield Town and Enfield Lock are to be run by Boris Johnson and Transport for London.

Thursday, 27/Jun/2013

THE criticism levelled at Enfield Council is its focus on managing next week’s news rather than its willingness to tackle important issues in a timely fashion.

Thursday, 02/May/2013

JUST under a quarter of all public spending – £159billion – is spent on welfare benefits.

Thursday, 07/Mar/2013

FOR the third year running the government has subsidised those local councils that agree not to increase council tax.

Thursday, 07/Feb/2013

DO we really need police stations or a police service? Fire stations or a fire and rescue service? Hospitals or healthcare?

Historically, these have amounted to the same thing – lose your police station and you lose all means of policing.

Thursday, 06/Dec/2012

HER Majesty's Chief Inspector of Education, Children's Services and Skills, otherwise known as Ofsted, has announced that Enfield Council now provides the fourth worst primary schools in London.

Thursday, 08/Nov/2012

CAN we regenerate our urban areas, facilitate economic development and sustain the environment without compromising what we cherish?

At a national level, debate rages about the costs, the need for and the location of major infrastructure projects such as a further airport runway, Crossrail, wind farms and the Olympic Park.

Thursday, 11/Oct/2012

HAVING consulted residents on whether they want to keep Enfield Homes and having received a positive response, the council has decided to fudge the issue and keep the arm’s-length management organisation for only two more years.

Thursday, 16/Aug/2012

WELL, I’ve got some good news and some bad news.

Thursday, 19/Jul/2012

I AM not a socialist.

Thursday, 21/Jun/2012

IT has stopped raining – an opportunity for me to walk my dogs (Pebbles and Eddie) at Forty Hall before sitting down to discover what the council is or isn’t up to by reading the cabinet reports.

Thursday, 24/May/2012

THE government has provided an extra £10.

Thursday, 26/Apr/2012

There’s another election on folks.

Thursday, 01/Mar/2012

This week will see Enfield Council agree its budget and council tax for the forthcoming year.

Friday, 03/Feb/2012

According to a YouGov poll, which issue is supported by 83 per cent of Conservatives, 62 per cent of Liberal Democrats and 59 per cent of Labour Party supporters? The answer is limiting the amount of benefits that a family can receive to £26,000 per year.

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